Our Services :

Our Available Service for you 

We can offer the following service on this series :

  • Turning your idea to be a real product.

  • Customization on Firmware, Hardware and Tooling of the products.

  • Providing SDK for your local production purpose.

   Private Labeling and OEM / ODM Production Services  

● Suitable for Private Label Owned or Sales Channel Owned Customers.
● i Zone provide final product Color Customization Service, Package Customization Service and Customized F/W Service.


   Optical / Mechanical / Hardware / Firmware Total Design Services  

● Suitable for System Developer, Brand Name Owner or Special Industrial System Integrating customers.
● i Zone Provide Total Design Services on Optical Design / Mechanical Design / Firmware Design total design services to our customers.


   Tooling and Plastic / Metal parts SDK Supplying Services  

● Suitable for Local Production Customers.
●With strong tooling ability and design ability, we can provide the tooling and injection service to customers who can do local production on their own land.

 Our Special Product idea for you

 Our Special Product idea for you

Based on our Vision " To be your Best Image Solution Supporter ", we design our Modules to be

Series Design " that provide wide range resolution selection under the same Module form.

5 Years Life Cycle Guarantee " that provide the stable Module proving to enlarge your design benifits.


It can offer you the flexibility to upgrade  your Video Resolution without modifying your mechanical design to save your developing cost and valuable time for reaching " Time to Market " target.